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Thank you for your interest in the Franklin County and Columbus Medical Reserve Corps! There are 5 short steps to joining the FC&C MRC:

1. Complete your profile in the Ohio Responds registry.

This is our state MRC database. Once on the state site, click on the "register" button. You must complete a profile in the Ohio Responds Volunteer Registry in order to be an active approved volunteer. Please make sure to choose Franklin County. When you are creating your profile in the Ohio Responds Registry please add an email address. This is not a required field but if you leave it blank you will not be able to get our weekly volunteer/training opportunity email. Due to the large number of volunteers we have, we communicate primarily via email for all non-emergency information and volunteer opportunities. If you do not have an email address and wish to still receive non-emergency information please contact Eva Wollerman at (614) 525-4947. Click on this link to create your Ohio Responds Volunteer Registry profile:

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2. Take our orientation.

Click here to take the online orientation. Please make sure to fill out the brief quiz at the end of the training to confirm that you have completed it.

3. Get an ID badge and T-Shirt.

Once you have completed your profile and your online orientation you are considered an active volunteer and eligible to volunteer for an emergency call out or volunteer/training opportunity. An active training will keep you in active status for three years- at which time you will want to take an additional approved training. You will receive a weekly training and volunteer opportunity email every Friday morning with registration information. You will also be able to sign up via these emails for a badge and t-shirt session. This is where you come into Franklin County Public Health and show your driver’s license or state-issued ID and get an MRC badge and shirt.

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4. Read our important documents

Don’t forget check out these other great materials we encourage all our volunteers to read:

  • Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer Handbook
  • Code of Conduct for Volunteers
  • Liability Protection: Provides liability protection to registered Ohio Medical Reserve Corps volunteers during local, state or federally declared emergencies, disasters, drills, exercises and trainings, and exempts a registered volunteer's personal information in the Ohio MRC Database from public disclosure. This protection does not include the provision of any court fees, nor does it cover workman’s compensation.

5. Decide if you want to be on a specific team.

It’s not required, but you can choose to be a part of one or more specific response teams. Check out our teams here: Email Eva Wollerman, FC&C Coordinator, at to let her know you want to be on a team.

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